Welcome to Aphya!

We create Clinical & Patient Management Software and Platforms for Hospitals and Clinics around the World but especially Asia, Africa and Latin America


Aphya is a digital hub for healthcare organizations, professionals, and patients. We aim to increase system efficiency by streamlining the workflow, reducing redundancy in record keeping, and employing the most effective practices in healthcare record keeping accessible from mobile interfaces.
Our platform is focused on enhancing user experience while facilitating communication, high fidelity record keeping, and analytics. We evaluate systems for bottlenecks, inefficiency, and develop predictive analytics to guide the patient, health professional or organization to optimal health-care.


We develop secure, reliable and accessible

digital healthcare solutions on our platform

to meet the needs of those we serve.



Our mission is to increase access to high-quality medical care in resource-constrained settings by leveraging and innovating the best digital tools available. We were founded by a team that has worked in healthcare in some of the harshest conditions around the world and we believe that technology has the ability to affordably improve healthcare in these areas. The Aging population, the increasing disease burden, rising costs and shrinking resources is a major challenge for today’s healthcare industry


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